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Sunrise Medical Quickie Q7 NextGen
Written by Brent
Redman Chief 107SRX
Written by Robert
Invacare Nutron R51
Written by cheung
Pride Mobility Jazzy 1450
Written by kirby
Sunrise Medical Quickie QM-720
Written by Larry
Invacare Pronto M71
Written by Timothy
Pride Mobility Jazzy Air
Written by Richard
Horizon Mobility Mayan
Written by A.W
Lasher Sport, Llc BT-Mg-AS
Written by John
The Roho Group Quadtro Select HP
Written by Stephen
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Wheelchair Wisdom
Wheelchair Wisdom
Some of the best wheelchair concepts and practices that we have come across on the Web. An ever expanding list of wheelchair "should knows".
Canes To Wheelchairs: Considering Mobility Devices
How you get around has a big impact on what things you can do and where you can go. This article can help you make some of the mobility device choices easier.
Jean Minkel, MA,PT
Switching To A Power Wheelchair
For many SCI survivors, recapturing independence is your single most significant achievement. You view any concessions to that independence ­ accepting more help, using more or different equipment ­ as giving up, as failure, as the ultimate defeat. But it’s hard to deny the fatigue and pain that may come from years of pushing a manual chair. Switching to a power chair actually could be the way to maintain that independence …
Graig Hospital
Transitioning to a Wheelchair
Transitioning from walking to wheelchair from a postpolio sysndrome perspective but applicable to almost any disability that takes a turn toward the wheelchair.
Linda Wheeler Donahue
Evaluating the Options
A tour de logic that discusses wheelchair considerations that range from ventilator trays to aesthetics.
Michelle L. Lange, OTR, ABDA, ATP
•Pediatric / Youth Seating and Mobility
Seating for Children: What to Consider
Proper seating and support for children in wheelchairs is critical to their ability to learn at school, to play with others and to interact as much as possible with their friends and family.
Susan Johnson Taylor
Ashcraig Seating Assessment Guide: Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy.
A guide to seating for bioengineers, physiotherapists, occupational therapists and rehabilitation engineers, and interested parents.
Marina Morrow MSc MCSP, Dr. Shona Michael PhD, Janice Clark MCSP
What You Should Know About A First Wheelchair
Pointers on selecting your childs first wheelchair.
Louise Kinross
Decisions about Special Seats and Wheelchairs
Things you will need to consider when buying or building a special seat or wheelchair, to best meet the needs of a child.
Disabled Village Children
Wheelchair Selection
Set up has an incredible effect on the performance of wheelchairs. BC Rehab has published two comparison studies highlighting the relative merits of brand name chairs.
Ian Dennison
Seating Evaluation & Wheelchair Prescription
A discussion of the theories and practices of conducting a seating and mobility evaluation from clinic team to prescription writing.
eMedicine Journal
Wheelchair & Seating Evaluation
A guide to conducting wheelchair and seating evaluations with some good advice on focusing on the consumer.
Sitting Outside of The Box
Jean Minkel takes a candid and hard look at the dynamic elements of sitting in a wheelchair. This is a classic with Jean at her best.
Jean L. Minkel
Butt Boot Camp
Wheelchair addict Mark Smith rolls you through an easy to understand primer on wheelchair seating and wheelchair cushions.
Wheelchair Junkie
Scoliosis and Seating
Written for polio survivors but applicable to any wheelchair user with paralysis or muscle weakness. A short and clear read on a very tough seating issue.
Carrie W. Clawson, OTR/L, ATP, National Rehabilitation Hospital, Washington, DC
Posture Changes after SCI: "Getting Straight"
How and why people with spinal cord injuries experience changes in posture and some things that can be done to prevent and correct these changes.
Gayle Benson, PT
Easy to overlook because of their size, casters are critical to the performance of a wheelchair. Here are a few clues on how to match them to a wheelchair users needs.
Cheryl D. Fields, TeamRehab Report
Constructing a Chair Under Managed Care
The adventures of Lisa Iezzonie, M.D., in her quest to obtain a wheelchair under managed care. This is a great read for anyone.
New Mobility
Fighting for Mobility
The trials and tribulations of a young man and his customized powered wheelchair.
Christopher Nobriga
Winning the Health Insurance Game
From ranting on funders to some really good advice on how to beat the insurers at the save-a-buck game.
Richard Holicky
The Saga of the New Wheelchair
Mom Marta Meyers tells how she took on the funder in a battle over a wheelchair for her son.
Marta Meyers
Powerchairs & Batteries
Battery guru John Williamson powers up on a tour of wheelchair batteries from anatomy to how-to.
Powerchair Review
Manual Wheelchair Maintenance
Give your manual wheelchair the once over once in a while to keep it rolling right.
Alicia M. Koontz, MS, ATP at SpinLife
Build A Wheelchair Ramp
Tips to help you build a wheelchair ramp.
Wheelchair Ramp Information
Details and specs for the wheelchair ramp do-it-yourselfer.
The Manual Wheelchair Training Guide
Some very heavy hitters help consumers and health care professionals better understand and use manual wheelchairs.
P. Axelson, D. Chesney, J.Minkel, A.Perr
How to pop a wheelie in a manual wheelchair. A great skill to learn for those wheelers sojourning in the not quite accessible world.
A primer on proper wheeling skills for the manual wheelchair user.
C. Croteau
Wheelchair Skill: Wheelchair Falls
How to take a header in a wheelchair and bounce back unscathed.

Step-By-Step Guidance for Improving Wheelchair Transportation Safety
Information to help you travel more safely in motor vehicles while seated in your wheelchair. Includes sections on selecting wheelchairs and tiedown equipment, securing wheelchairs in vans and buses, and properly restraining the rider.
The University of Michigan

How Safe is Your Wheelchair?
This article will shed some light on the complicated and often technical topic of wheelchair transportation safety.
Rehabilitation Engineering Research Center on Wheelchair Transportation Safety

Transporting Children in Wheelchairs
The basic principles of transporting children safely.
Exceptional Parent Magazine
Getting A Wheelchair Into A Car
A very complete discourse on the how to, what with, and why fors of getting a wheelchair into a car. One way or another.
Transfers: Accessory Skills.
A step by step tutuorial on how to transfer from a wheelchair.
Rehab Team Site

How To Push A Wheelchair
The graceful Wheelchair Dancer choreographs how to push someone in a wheelchair.
Wheelchair Dancer

Disability Etiquette
Don't be a dork when it comes to interacting with people who have a disability. Save yourself some embarassment and read up on it.
United Spinal Association

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