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Permobil C400 PS
Image of Permobil C400 PS
Front wheel drive power wheelchair.
• Front wheel drive.
• Adjustable frame and seat pan.
• Legrests swing in or out.
• Suspension.
• Fixed or adjustable height armrest, flip back and removable.
• Length 34", width 24 to 33", height 41".
• Seat to floor height of 19.75".
• 8" seat elevator.
• Weight with batteries 297 lbs.
• Maximum user weight 300 lbs.
• Two group 24 batteries, 8 hour recharge, 19 to 25 mile range per charge.
• Top speed 4 mph.
• Four pole motors.
 End UserCaregiverClinician
# Reviews100
Ease of use?3.0000
Meet expectations?2.0000
Overall Rating:
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Mark from Englewood, Ohio, US submitted this review on May 6th 2009 at 08:43 AM. Mark is an end user who has one to six months of experience with the product.
Strengths:This powerchair has ample power to do most anything, and meets advertised expectations. The seperate power adjustments for the recliner, legs/feet, seat height , and all in one motion at the same time are a terrific feature. This allow's for inside and outside of the home great versatility. The ability for accessories to be added very easily is a great feature also.
Weaknesses:My C400 Powerchair weighs in at (370 LBS) using my accessories on it, along with me at (220 LBS) for a combined weight of 590 LBS. I am 6'1" tall with a long torso, so I sit fairly tall in the saddle, 58" from the ground to the top of my head. My height and combined weight make it difficult on me being able to use a Mini Van for transportation. Most fold out and slide in ramp mechanism's on the market today max out with a 600 LB load capasity. I barely make it into a mini van for transportation having to utilize my reclining option to allow me to get through the doors at 55" and inside the mini van I'm maxed out with floor to ceiling of 58"-59". The lowest seat height and weight of the chair for me has restricted me from using economical means of transportation. The permobile C400 comes in a low rider as well at 3" shorter than the standard model, but you are limited to the angle of reclineing when going to the shorter model. I am an ALS patient and I need all of the reclineing feature I can get.
Comments:Over all the C400 powerchair works great with all of it's features. The seat height and weight of the chair really needs help to make this chair economicaly usable for 6' tall or taller patients. The turning radious with me in the chair is minimum at 4' with me at a slight recline. If you are looking for a powerchair that will allow you to do most anything with ease in the house and outside the house, this C400 is great. If you plan to do some economical traveling using a Mini Van, then this chair might not be the one for you. Do your math for measurements before getting this C400 standard model if you already have your transportation of a mini van or smaller. Most mini vans that are handicapped converted will carry a payload of 900 LBS to 1300 LBS. I came in at 590 LBS combined and leaves me with an average of 2 more people inside the van before I max out in combined weight for a mini van weight payload. My C400 will no dought last my life time and then some. It is very well made and is very stable in almost every position that I put it in.
Durability?This reviewer rated this product a 5 in durabilityEase of use?This reviewer rated this product a 3 in ease of use
Meet expectations?This reviewer rated this product a 2 in Meet expectationsOverall Rating:This reviewer rated this product a 3 Overall
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