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Golden Technologies Avenger
Image of Golden Technologies Avenger
Heavy-duty mobility scooter designed to handle extra weight and uneven terrain.
  • Speeds Up to 7MPH
  • Full lighting package
  • Standard front basket
  • Extra roomy seat
  • 13 inch tires
  • Swivel seat
  • Flip-up armrests
  • Bumper guard
  • Arms width and height adjustable
  • 3 and 4 wheel models
  • Weight capacity: 500 lbs
  • Length: 57.5
  • Width 24.6
  • Seat depth: 17.5 - Seat Width: 22
  • Maximum speed: 7 MPH
  • Ground clearance: 4
  • Operating range: 18 Miles*
  • Turning radius: 67
  • Batteries (2): 22 NF
  • Seat weight: 58 lbs.
  • Front half weight: 66 lbs.
  • Rear half weight: 66 lbs.
  • Freewheel mode: Yes
  • Electronic speed control: Yes
  • Brakes: Electro-mechanical
  • Charger: Off-board 5 amp
 End UserCaregiverClinician
# Reviews200
Ease of use?5.0000
Meet expectations?4.5000
Overall Rating:4.500.000.00
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Ken from Milwaukee submitted this review on March 17th 2012 at 08:30 PM. Ken is an end user who has over five years of experience with the product.
Very stable
Weaknesses:Difficult to get warranty repairs
Comments:I started out really enjoying this scooter, i would never go back to a 3 wheeler. I use this scooter daily under all conditions temps from 0 to 95 degrees, rain, snow. When I bought my Avenger, Golden had a 3 year warranty now it's only 2 years. After 2 years and 2 months the scooter started to give me trouble. It started jerking especially below 50 degrees. The dealer worked on it off and on for months and replaced everything except the electronic box. I was a electronics Technician and I was sure it was the electronics. The factory would not send a replacement electronic box (they are very expensive). Finally the manufacturer agree to repair it but they insisted I pay to ship the scooter back to them at a cost of $90. While it was at the factory the 3 year warranty expired, the factory had it several months at this point. They finally fixed it by replacing the electronic box that I had said was bad but they wanted $800 dollars because the warranty expired during the many months that they had it. At this point I was fed up and filed complaints with everybody that I could think of. In the end a complaint to AARP was what finally made them come to their senses and they shipped the scooter back for no additional charge. After about 5 years the charger died and I replaced it with a marine Gel Cell charger which works much better and cost less than the factory charger. The scooter is now almost 8 years old and except for tires and batteries it has worked great. Over all I would have to say it's a nice machine but hope and pray you don't have any warranty issues.
Durability?This reviewer rated this product a 4 in durabilityEase of use?This reviewer rated this product a 5 in ease of use
Meet expectations?This reviewer rated this product a 4 in Meet expectationsOverall Rating:This reviewer rated this product a 4 Overall
John from Escondido, Ca, USA submitted this review on January 5th 2009 at 09:04 AM. John is an end user who has over a year of experience with the product.
Strengths:Power, Speed, RELIABILITY, comfort
Weaknesses:Trouble going through small cramped aisles in small shops.
so powerful, it will tear your door frame off if you are careless.
Comments:I'm not a pro, I just want to share so others can see one of these rarely reviewd scooters.

These scooters are superb and reviews are few, so I'll post one about my Avenger. This is a great scooter! It is very HIGH QUALITY. I have owned many scooters and powerchairs. I did a lot of research to find the most reliable low maintence scooter with easy to buy parts, (out of 'MY' own pocket), should I need them. And one to handle long drives on hot days here in Escondido, Ca. I drive the heck out of this scootor for long periods. That is what I bought it for. I have a powerchair for short period cool use and travel on busses, trains etc. I get the same 15-18 mile BATTERY range from both my Avenger and my Pride.

My Golden Avenger 4 fits into my apartment ELEVATER, goes up and easily drives into my 3rd floor apartment. I also take it grocery shopping up and down normal size isles. In small shops with cramped isles, I drive in and have the clerk fetch what I want.

My Golden Technologies Avenger 4 is very rugged, is high quality construction and the design was well thought out. Has a big 4 pole motor. 4 pole motors provide more POWER, RUN COOLER, and HAVE LONGER LIFE than the 2 pole motors found in most other scooters. 2 pole motors are made for intermittent use, not long drives. So with my Golden Avenger 4, I can go out in 100 degre weather without cooking the motor. I have burned up several 2 pole motors in long hot use, so I know.

Still it is wise to not push even the best motor to it's limits, so for long life, let it rest now and then when in excessive temperatures.

It is easy to handle and FAST at 7 mph. I've taken shortcuts through open fields and bumpy dirt roads. The batteries are the same as my Pride Jazzy Select 14. 2 Big 55AH batteries. Like all heavy use electric mobility vehicals, it needs to be charged DAILY to insure long battery life, (if you use it daily) .

It has a very BRIGHT headlight. Has Front and rear emergency flashers and turn signals. The unit is BIG, has strong bumpers and weighs a lot. It is the Escalade of scooters. My Avenger easily goes through standard doorways inspite of my 28" armrest setting. It is a very Sporty Cool looking unit. It looks more like a desert ATV than a handicap mobility scooter. It is an impresseve eye catcher. I get compliments and questions every day.

I am so pleased with this scooter, I had to write something.
Durability?This reviewer rated this product a 5 in durabilityEase of use?This reviewer rated this product a 5 in ease of use
Meet expectations?This reviewer rated this product a 5 in Meet expectationsOverall Rating:This reviewer rated this product a 5 Overall


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