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Nimble Inc. Rocket
Image of Nimble Inc. Rocket
Power wheelchair with mid wheel drive and sideways drive capability.
• The power base assembly includes two drive wheels, two front caster wheels and two rear caster wheels.
• The two drive wheels are mounted on the “tractor”.
• The tractor is unique to the Nimble Rocket. It turns to face sideways allowing you to drive the Rocket sideways when maneuvering in tight spaces or to get really close to something.
• The tractor is attached to the body by a suspension system that allows it to maintain contact with the ground and provide traction over uneven surfaces.
• Suspension: Center drive wheel suspension to maintain six-wheel contact.
• Drive Wheels: 14 in (350 mm), pneumatic
• Front and Rear Casters: 8 in (200 mm), solid, articulating
• Drive Train: Two 4-pole motors, TRUE mid-wheel
• Brakes: Regenerative braking and automatic parking brake.
• Batteries: Four 12 volt. Group U1 batteries (sealed lead-acid or gel cells only)
• Battery Charger: Lester 24 V dual mode model 12610 – type 24EL8
• Electronics: Penny and Giles PG 8 Controller and D49437 Joystick
• Overall Size: Length (without footrest): 36.5 in. (930 mm)
• Length (with footrest): 45.75 in. (1160 mm)
• Width: 24.75 in. (630 mm)
• Weight: Base with Sidetrack option: 167 Ib (76 kg)
• Batteries: 94 Ib (43 kg)
• Precision seating: 50 Ib (23 kg)
• Turning Radius: 22.5 in. (570 mm) with Precision footrests. 22.0 in. (560 mm) with optional footboard
• Note: Minimum radius cylinders that • Maximum Speed: 4.25 mph (6.8 kph)
• Range: 19 miles (30 km)
• Weight Capacity: 250 Ib (115 kg)
• Warranty: Lifetime limited warranty on body. Two-year warranty on electronics
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