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Jason Marine Enterprises Seeker II
Image of Jason Marine Enterprises Seeker II
All terrain power wheelchair.
• dual 24 volt dynamic motors/controller with built-in parking brake-
• Kevlar belts & composite pulley drive system-
• manual gear disengagement when nessesary-
• base of motor 18" above ground-
• 2 12-volt sealed batteries-
• removable battery box with quick release-
• range of 15+ miles-
• battery charger-
• left and right side panels-
• removable arm rests with built-in drink holder-
• under-seat storage area, battery compartment-
• molded ABS plastic plates and hinges main rims and wheels,
• pneumatic tires with "new" puncture-resistant tubes-
• caster rims and wheels and stainless steel forks-
• stainless steel and titanium axles- complete stainless steel axle and bearing system-
• sealed bearings and 316 stainless steel & delrin bearings-
• heavy duty nylon seats-
• removable multi-position footpad assembly-
• anti-tilt bar (removable)-
 End UserCaregiverClinician
# Reviews010
Ease of use?05.000
Meet expectations?05.000
Overall Rating:
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Rich from California submitted this review on December 28th 2004 at 12:06 PM. Rich is a care giver who has less than a month of experience with the product.
Strengths:Great ATV dream machine, at least, for a wheelchair. Should take you wherever you want to go. Two strong 24 volt motors with highly refined joystick control. Five speeds, from Snail to NASCAR, well, a really fast walk, anyway. Almost totally maneuverable. 15+ mile range is claimed. The light emmiting diodes on the joystick controller look really cool at night. Great chair for "casual" use, but also includes good features and options for folks who might need to "live" in a chair. A lever on each motor disengages the drive, so you can use the Seeker II like a regular wheelchair, also. Nice seat, can be adjusted. Looks more like a Sherman tank than a wheelchair, makes you look like you are in charge, in control, adventurous, and self-confident. Take off on the beach, shopping mall, or park trails in one of these and you'll never want to come back.
Weaknesses:High price... but like they say, you get what you pay for. Inside a house, for ours with a 16 inch wide seat, it requires 36 in wide doors and you have to be careful. Needs wheels or a roller on the wheelie bar. I had to trim about 3/16 inch off the left side of the battery box cover before it performed to my liking. If you intend to use a Class III hitch carrier, make sure you get one that is not only wide enough, but one doesn't interfere with the extra width of the outer wheel rims. If a van, does your van have 36 in wide doors?
Comments:CAUTION: This is a serious chair with serious power, so MAKE SURE THAT YOU INSTALL THE REAR WHEELIE BAR, AND KEEP IT INSTALLED. This chair may be the closest thing to a Ferrari that you may get to own. Might want to consider a Kryptonite lock or a burglar alarm, or both.
Durability?This reviewer rated this product a 4 in durabilityEase of use?This reviewer rated this product a 5 in ease of use
Meet expectations?This reviewer rated this product a 5 in Meet expectationsOverall Rating:This reviewer rated this product a 5 Overall


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