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Lark Lark 3
Image of Lark Lark 3
Three wheel electric scooter.
• Size: 42" to 46" long; 22.75" wide.
• Weight: 144.5 lbs. assembled.
• Heaviest piece weighs 48.0 lbs.
• Turning Radius: 5.5" inside; 25.5" outside.
 End UserCaregiverClinician
# Reviews100
Ease of use?3.0000
Meet expectations?3.0000
Overall Rating:
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jack from Coventry, United Kingdom submitted this review on September 5th 2004 at 06:21 PM. jack is an end user who has over a year of experience with the product.
Strengths:see comments
Weaknesses:see comments
Comments:Review in terms of the info needed to repair, maintain and upgrade ones own Lark 3 (1996) EPV. ( a lot of the info applies to EPVs generally) under the headings:
Lark 3 (1996) Introduction
Specs Under the boot.
After sales Service.
Word to the wise References 5 Great battery care and buyer beware tips.
Web References to component parts identification and function.
Small EV 24 volt Wiring Schematic reference
Meeting subjective expectations and Ease of use?

Lark 3 (1996) Introduction
Lark 3 (1996) manufactured by Ortho kinetics Inc Serial number G023202 05/24/96
Ortho kinetics Inc P.O Box 1647 waukesha W1 53187

Three wheels CLASS 2 electric scooter.
Size: 42" to 46" long; 22.75" wide.
Weight: 144.5 lbs. assembled.
Heaviest piece weighs 48.0 lbs.
Turning Radius: 5.5" inside; 25.5" outside.
Specs from
United Spinal Association USA Techguide

U.K CLASS 2 category VEHICLE distinction
Legally these scooters can travel up to 6.4kph (4mph) on pavements and are allowed on the road only to cross from one side of the road to the other.
The main difference between Class 3 and Class 2 vehicles is that Class 3 vehicles tend to be larger and can be used on the roads where they can travel up to 12.8kph (8mph

Specs Under the boot
2 SEALED LEAD ACID 12 volt 30 AH Battery YUASA NPC30-12 not the original battery AH)

Ortho kinetics Inc Brushed series 24 volt DC electric motor
.54HP, 26 amps , RPM 3300
serial number 1706 96

Curtis/PMC electric vehicle controller
Curtis Instruments is the world's largest manufacturer of instruments and motor speed controllers for battery-powered vehicles and equipment.

Unknown E-Meter (thinking of a batman upgrade  ) see )

After sales Service
Original parts for the Lark brand of consumer scooters previously marketed and sold by Ortho-Kinetics, Inc. @
There Technical Service Department can answer your maintenance-related questions and help you identify the items you require. they also have a nationwide list of repair providers that offer maintenance assistance in your local area.
For more information, contact us by phone at 800-824-1068 or by e-mail at

References to component parts and
Word to the wise and References to component parts
5 Great battery care and buyer beware tips @
Apparently Companies charge anything up to 800 for a PMC electric vehicle controller, more often then not these can be successfully repaired for around 50.

(Steve Wright: Proprietor,Fair Price Mobility ( the scooter man, you can reach him anytime on 0114 262 0544.Email:
example . Don't pay too much for a pair of batteries, they cost dealers on average 30 a piece
Extracted postings from Disabled Living Foundation. (Registered Charity No. 290069) Discussion forum @

References to component parts @
The electric vehicle controller is the electronics package that operates between the batteries and the motor to control the electric vehicle's speed and
The controller transforms the battery's direct current into alternating current (for AC motors only) and regulates the energy flow from the battery, the controller will also reverse the motor rotation (so the vehicle can go in reverse), and convert the motor to a generator (so that the kinetic energy of motion can be used to recharge the battery when the brake is applied).

The potbox is the throttle in an EV. It tells the controller how much current is needed to be sent to the motor. The potbox's lever arm is attached to the existing accelerator cable.

An E-Meter is a compact digital metering unit that measures voltage, current, kilowatt-hours, amp-hours, time remaining (fuel gauge), and historical battery information.
A Shunt is used with a E-meter or another meter to display amp usage. The shunt is a big chunk of metal with a very small resistance which translates into a small voltage drop across it. A ammeter is calibrated such that a given voltage drop across the fixed shunt translates into a meter reading of amperage. Typical shunts are 50 millivolts equals 500 amps

Contactor/Fuse Information Relay Description:
A relay is used to have a small voltage/current turning on and off a much larger one. The relay is for providing the controller with a "sense" voltage. The controller wants to see the full supply voltage before it will work.

Main Circuit Breaker Description:
A safety device that shuts-off power to the car for servicing or during an emergency. This is a master on/off switch for all of the EV's drive circuitry. It completely turns off the circuit.

For Small EV 24 volt Wiring Schematic see

Meeting subjective expectations and Ease of use?

I can walk un-aided but not with shopping bags (painful left hip) so I use the lark to get to the local supermarket half a mile away and for fun leisure rides along a canal towpaths.
I often see a few other EPV owners fishing from them. As well as In the shops and in pub car parks . My longest journeys are 10-mile return trips visiting family with a few hills that are more then I in 8 in between!

My 60 year old friend (65 Kg) cannot walk unaided and he prefers a 8 mph power chair which he finds easier to use in confined shopping areas. Being one handed he opted for a joystick control. His wife also has a lark 3 (1994) she says it beats pushing wheelchairs  He has been using human powered chairs all his life but has only had powered chairs and scooters for the last 8 years. On one laisure outing a scooter ran out of power and was towed back by the power chair (it has two 50 AH batteries with a 750 watt motor)

As you can imagine its very easy to make a power chair look like a Darlic from the old Doctor who U.K Television programmes or the scooters like fairground rocket carrocell or racing car spoiler effects  ( a bit of fun with children using cardboard boxes and packing tape ) the power chair has a seat lift on it so he can get to kitchen sink and cooker height and reach top shelf items in the shops.
From a conversation point of view it brings you face to face rather then having to look up or down at people.and of course gets you to bar stool height (I am a larger beer man and occational becardy (white rum) and Cola uuuuummm drinker)
I wonder how the lark would run on sandy tropical beaches
Hey I might need to get to the beach bar !
I suppose one could make a front track laying acessory 

We live close to a hill with a panoramic Coventry City view but is not acessable (yet ) to EPVs or to non powered wheel chairs without a lot of sweat pushing up hill  I have a personal expectation of eventually getting to the top (200 feet) hopefully using the lark as it is or modified.
I am looking for ways of increasing my speed to the 8mph range.
I only weigh 65 kg but am still Considering fabricating a lighter weight chassi and or increasing the battery or motor; size but I am not sure what the limitations are to upgrading the lark.
Technical Readers, if you know please return feedback information to jack c kybird suggestions and web ref welcome

Recommended Entertaining website visits to
My favorite HPV (human Powered Vehicle) @
 My favorite, Unique, extraordinary dynamic and revolutionary 3-second film clips @. take 10 seconds to upload for viewing using broadband. If you have slow connection forget it (15 minute wait :)
Durability?This reviewer rated this product a 5 in durabilityEase of use?This reviewer rated this product a 3 in ease of use
Meet expectations?This reviewer rated this product a 3 in Meet expectationsOverall Rating:This reviewer rated this product a 3 Overall
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