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Wheelchair Power Assists & Add Ons
(16 Web Sources Found)
Atec Ingenieurburo Ag
SwissTrac towing tractors for manually propelled wheelchairs. SWISS-TRAC is a small, efficient wheelchair power unit, which can be quickly attached to/from the wheelchair. It pulls the wheelchair user over "sticks and stones" or over curbs without any problems. SWISS-TRAC can be driven not only on pavements and in pedestrian areas, but also through fields, meadows and woodlands.
Manufactures the Sinclair WDU, attendant control wheelchair drive unit.
+44 (0)20 8763 9355
United Kingdom
Frank Mobility
Distributor of power assist add on devices for manual wheelchairs. E-motion powered wheels, E-fix power unit with joystick controller, Scalamobil add on for stair climbing, and Viamobil push and brake aid.
Pennsylvania, USA
Golden Motor Technology Co Ltd
Golden Motor Technology offers a line of powered wheelchairs that incorporate efficient hub motors for propulsion.
Magicwheels Inc.
Manufactures and distributes Magicwheels, a 2-gear wheelchair drive. These all mechanical wheels provide the user with 2 easily shifted gears for mobility enhancement to navigate ramps, hills and all types of uneven or rough terrain.
Seattle, Washington
Max Mobility
Mobility Max manufactures the Smart Drive, an add on power assist unit designed to be mounted on a manual wheelchair. The SmartDrive can power a manual wheelchair up steep hills, through carpets and over grass. It is intuitive to use, with push to go and brake to stop controls.
Tennessee, USA
Motive Transportation LLC
Manufactures the Motive, a kit that attaches a gas engine to your wheelchair.
Wisconsin, USA
Next Mobility
Next Mobility manufacturers and sells powered wheelchairs, manual wheelchair, pediatric wheelchairs, and add-on power assist units for manual wheelchairs.
Michigan, USA
Nordigo manufactures and sells an add-on propulsion system that can be mounted to a manual wheelchair. The system is a lightweight, practical and unobtrusive system that is mounted to an existing manual wheelchair allowing the wheelchair user to propel the chair in a natural way and with less energy expenditure.
NuDrive is a lever-drive propulsion system that can be added to a manual wheelchair, providing more mobility and improving physical well-being. With NuDrive you don't need to propel your chair by gripping the wheel rims by hand; instead, you can propel yourself forwards, backwards, manoeuvre and brake, simply by pushing the levers. NuDrive has been designed to assist manual wheelchair users with a range of disabilities and medical conditions.
08450 542930
08450 542930
United Kingdom
PowerTrike™- Power add on to any wheelchair.
Rio Mobility
Rio Mobility offers a number of wheelchair add-on devices including a wheelchair add on arm-powered bicycle (handcycle) that attaches to your wheelchair and is suitable for everyday use, a powered easily attachable electric handcycle add on, and a lever action drive for manual wheelchairs that utilizes a natural propulsion motion and amplifies pushing effort.
California, USA
Tzora Active Systems
Develops, markets,and manufactures the Samson Power Drives for manual wheelchairs, Apt active passive trainer, and Easy Travel portable scooter.
Van Os Medical
Van Os Medical has been a developer and supplier of mobility and rehabilitation equipment in Europe since 1971. Van Os Medical offers a line of manual wheelchairs, power add-on systems for manual wheelchairs, powered wheelchairs, mobility scooters, pediatric stroller wheelchairs, walking aids, and bathing/personal care aids.
0104 720170
, Netherlands
A driving and braking system for manual wheelchairs. The Wijit is a revolutionary driving and braking system for manual wheelchairs. It uses precision geared levers that amplify the user's pushing power, while reducing strain on the user's shoulders and upper body. Using the Wijit promotes cardiovascular health and is easier and safer to operate. With the Wijit, even marginal (and child) users can now safely and independently propel, stop and steer their wheelchairs from a comfortable, stable, and upright position.
California, USA
Willgo Wheelchairs
The Willgo Wheel Chair is a conventional looking manual wheelchair incorporating a lightweight, compact, Manual Powered Transmission system enabling greater and easier application of Power to the Rear Wheels. The design offers a realistic alternative to electric assist wheelchairs and offers the wheelchair user the opportunity to further improve independence.
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Image of a red pickup truck parked in a handicapped spote. The ad reads, Make your point, Parking here for just a minute is sixty seconds too long. Link to page with free download of windshield leaflet for creating awareness.
Download a free copy of Canes to Wheelchairs: Mobility Alternatives

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