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Adapted Gloves / Grasp / Reach
(24 Web Sources Found)
Access To Recreation
Adaptive products for independent living and recreation. Offering a wide range of products from fishing aids to crochet aids, exercise equipment to rehabilitation equipment, wheelchairs to wheelchair ramps and hundreds of other adapted recreational and daily living aids.
California, USA
Accessible Designs, Inc.
ADI designs, manufactures and distributes cutting edge mobility products for the wheelchair mobility industry, and serves as a select distributor for high end mobility products, accessories and quality rehabilitation fitness equipment for the disabled individual. The company offers anti slip transfer boards, wheelchair push gloves, carbon fiber wheelchair seating components, and a disc brake system for use on manual wheelchairs.
Texas, USA
Achievable Concepts
Adapted devices for all types of outdoor and indoor recreational and leisure pursuits. Cognitive and reminiscent as well as co-ordination and skill enhancing games. Devices for crafts, sports, music and gardening, as well as exercise and therapy.
(61) 3 9370 0217
Active Hands
Active Hands grip aids are specially designed gloves that enable the wearer to firmly hold items such as a hammer or trowel, craft tools, sports equipment, gym equipment, and electronic game consoles. Active Hands are sold in adult and kids size and are shipped worldwide.
+44 (0)870 123 6371
United Kingdom
Bayport Healthcare
Bringing European durable medical equipment, aids to daily living and accessability products including bathroom and bedroom safety and comfort, mobility aids, and aids to daily living.
+44 845 260 7061
United Kingdom
Custom Grip Gloves
Specializing in wheelchair gloves & disability orientated push mitts for either Paraplegic or Tetriplegic/ quadriplegic wheelchair users. The company offers wheelchair push gloves and mitts in an assortment of models that include, fingerless, half fingered, with pad, with rubber grip, and in summer and winter models. International and online sales.
+64 9 2784885
New Zealand
Dycem's Non Slip products are not sticky but amazingly grip to any surface without the use of an adhesive. The Non Slip materials are used to stabilise objects, improve grip and stop things slipping in numerous situations around the home and during rehabilitation and therapy sessions.
The PalinkoReach is a tool designed to help reach for and grab small items up to 5 feet away. With a weight restriction of up to 5 lb.
Extol, Inc.
KOOL TEE, a product that enables a golfer to perform all the activities associated with playing golf without bending over.
Michigan, USA
Gloves For Life
Wheelchair push gloves for quadriplegics. Sewn from suede leather with rubber inserts in the palm area and velcro closures. Sized for adults and children.
Grapplers Inc.
Grappler is an extended reach pick up tool. Able to pick up items as small as a tooth pick and as large as a 2 liter bottle. Has a wide opening to accommodate large items.
Nevada, USA
Grip Advantage
Offers ADL products that enhance grasp for improved function and pain relief for those with Arthritis, Parkinson's Disease, MS, Muscular Dystrophy, Carpal Tunnel, any other painful disease or simply weak hands,
Florida, USA
Manufacturing quality grips since 1950, GripWorks is the world’s most innovative manufacturer of hand grips for use in the hand tool, lawn and garden, exercise and health care equipment, and ergonomics industries.
Missouri, USA
Harness Designs Inc.
Wheelchair push gloves with rubber or synthetic push surfaces which grip well in both wet and dry conditions. Wheelchair racing gloves are padded to absorb shock with foam that will hold its shape for many miles.
Florida, USA
Motus Inc.
Grips that make home and gardening tools easier and safer to work with. They can be used on garden hoes, spades, rakes, brooms, vacuums, snow shovels, and more. The ergonomic design adjusts to any stature, short or tall, left or right-handed.
Kitchen, home, and garden utensils with ergonomic and easy to grasp handles.
New York, USA
Pacific Writing Instruments
Makers of Pen Again, an ergonomic easy to grip pen.
Parsons ADL Inc.
Parsons offers a line of home health care products that assist persons with disabilities with activities of daily living.
Ontario, Canada
Peta UK Ltd
Designers, manufacturers and suppliers of ergonomic tools, aids and assistive devices for people suffering from arthritis or reduced grip strength. Peta offers a line of adapted scissors for adults and children as well as a line of adapted garden and kitchen tools.
+44 (0) 1245 231 118
The Cripper is a reacher/gripper designed for quadriplegics who have function of their "tenodesis muscle" (muscle on top of forearm which pulls hand back).
(530) 644-6584
The Receive-All allows people with a wide variety of hand control and strength limitations the ability to hold and manipulate items such as fishing rods, gardening tools, sports equipment, hand tools, and many other items. The system consists of an arm brace and an adapter. You attach an adapter to the item you wish to hold and the item can then be attached to the arm brace that is secured to your arm.
Minnesota, USA
Sammons Preston
Offers a wide variety of exercise and work hardening equipment, therapeutic, orthopedic, rehabilitative and ADL products and treatment furniture.
The E-Zee Supply Company
The extended reach E-Zee reacher.
877) 313-7727
Upper Hand
Upper Hand is a auxiliary handle that attaches to most long handle tools. This auxiliary handle gives you more power, leverage and control.
(763) 571-7637
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