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Personal Cooling Apparel & Devices
(31 Web Sources Found)
Akemi Inc.
Cooling vests and other cooling products by Body Cooler® are designed to safely keep you cool when heat is a problem. Those with ailments that cause heat discomfort, such as multiple sclerosis, can receive cooling comforts.
Arctic Heat USA
Arctic Heat USA provides a full range of lightweight cooling products including the Arctic Heat Cooling Vest and an array of cold/hot rehab packs.
New Jersey, USA
Barborosa Cool Products
Personal Cool Jackets and Vests.
(214) 358-6857
BioCore Fitness Solutions
Distributor of CoreControl™, a body cooling system powered by RTX that cools you quickly and safely from the inside out. With patented, scientifically proven technology, it rapidly cools your body core first, unlike ice packs, vests, and misting fans, which cool you from the outside in.
California, USA
Black Ice LLC
Black Ice portable personal cooling systems produce a cool, refreshing, safely-regulated temperature output of 55-60°F– regardless of ambient temperature or humidity level. A unique combination of bio-tech engineering and an amazing high-tech molecular alloy, this light-weight, portable personal cooling system provides cool 24/7 relief– without batteries, wires or external plumbing.
Tennessee, USA
Cincinnati Sub-Zero Products, Inc.
A full line of products used to manage patient body temperature in the operating room, recovery room, intensive care units, and other areas of hospitals.
Ohio, USA
The patented HeatShield™ is a completely self-contained, tetherless cooling vest. It has been proven to enable MS patients and others to dramatically improve quality of life. Also offered is the LiteAir™ vest for lighter cooling needs. Designed with the needs of MS patients in mind, the LiteAir™ incorporates two fans mounted in the back of the vest along with auxiliary cooling packs to provide substantial cooling for MS patients.
Virginia, USA
Cool Medics
Cool Medics offers wide range of body cooling products as well as a wheelchair seat cooling pad.
California, USA
Cool Sport
Advanced technology personal body colling vests for lincreased physical performance and the prevention of heat stress.
DB Mist Systems
DB Mist Systems carries a complete line of personal, portable cooling products. You can take these products with you anywhere and be cooled off with a refreshing mist. Personal cooling systems allow people to cool off no matter where they are.
Arizona, USA
Entrak produces body cooling vests that utilize ambient air, as a coolant. Air is circulated by small battery-operated fans ("ventilation units"), which are placed in outer pockets, through a spacer fabric. The air is distributed evenly and circulates around the entire upper body of the wearer. In this way, warm air containing moisture from perspiration is carried away from the skin and replaced by fresh ambient air.
49 (0) 9129 40 35-67
, Germany
Glacier Teck, Inc.
Manufactures a selection of vests that feature PCM, or Phase Change Material Technology - a thermal energy storage material that is designed to absorb heat generated by the wearer. It maintains a comfortable 59 degrees - even in the most extreme heated environments - and never over cools. The Glacier Tek Cool Vest has a practical design and weighs about 4 pounds, Glacier Tek focuses on managing body temperature in extreme temperatures using high tech garments that help defend the wearer from heat stress.
Florida, USA
Grabber Performance Group
Grabber is the exclusive North American distributor for warmers and coolers manufactured by Mycoal Corporation.
Michigan, USA
Kool N Safe
Offers personal body cooling systems that include vests, jackets, hats, hydration systems, and evaporation cooling.
Life Enhancement Technologies
Personal cooling products to meet the needs of medical, military, industrial and consumer applications. Using patented technology originally designed for cooling astronauts, LET can protect individuals from extreme heat stress to simply maintaining a desired temperature.
California, USA
Misty Mate
Offers the Misty Mate line of mysting personal cooling devices in apparel or patio area models.
Arizona, USA
Polar Products, Inc
Manufactures and markets a line of body cooling and therapy products.
Ohio, USA
Misting systems for patio misting, greenhouse misting, playground misting, golf course cooling, warehouse cooling or agricultural cooling. ProMist controls your climate with a clean, natural misting system.
California, USA
Re Band
Re-band® personal cooling device.
Roshgo Corporation
Manufacturing technologically advanced wellness products including gel ice packs, hot/cold compresses, and personal cooling products.
Georgia, USA
Shafer Enterprises
Manufactures Cool Shirt, personal cooling system.
Sharper Image
Personal cooling system.
Shindaiwa Products
The B-Cool Vest personal cooling system uses evaporation.
Silver Eagle
Manufactures and sells cooling vests, blankets, headwear, and neckshades.
Sleepbreeze ltd
Manufactures the Sleepbreeze Personal Cooler- a simple, lightweight, fan-based solution that can be laid on the bed next to the user. The product creates a breeze which promotes the evaporation of sweat, cooling the body sufficiently to allow sleep.
+44 1420 540209
United Kingdom
The SportsWrap is a personal body cooling system apparel which absorbs water allows air flow.
Steele Inc.
SteeleVest® Body Cooling Comfort System™ Is a lightweight, safe, easy to user personal cooling system. Frozen Thermo-strips; (starch-based gel ice packs which you can freeze over and over again in a household freezer) are simply inserted into the insulated SteeleVest, providing up to four hours of cooling comfort at a time.
Washington, USA
TechNiche International
TechNiche International designs and manufactures innovative climate control solutions offering a full range of both cooling and warming products. Their cooling apparel includes vests, headwear, and neckwear and utilize evaporative, phase change, hybrid, and circulatory cooling systems.
California, USA
Texas Cool Vest
Personal cooling vests.
(713) 952-1983
TRREX performance apparel helps maintain body temperature in extreme conditions- or whenever you need it. The system consists of two unique and interdependent elements: an athletic shirt fabric and a coldpack that work to cool the body for two to five hours.
North Carolina, USA
Veskimo Personal Cooling System
Combines a lightweight, breathable Personal Cooling Vest that is worn under your normal clothing, connected to a Hydration Backpack that is worn over your clothing. The body cooling vest is supplied with ice water circulated from the backpack via a high efficiency battery powered pump.
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