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Canes & Crutches
(48 Web Sources Found)
American Bantex Corporation
Manufactures and distributes durable medical equipment including wheelchairs, walking aides, walkers, and commodes.
Burlingame, California
American Cane
Constructing canes with combinations of highly figured select hardwoods including... but not limited to: cherry, maple, and black walnut... hand selected by designer Christopher Koontz.
Washington, USA
Apex Medical Corp
Manufactures and distributes pressure reducing bed surfaces, bathroom safety equipment, mobility aids, and respiratory equipment.
Offers a wide variety of canes including folding canes, specialty canes or hiking staffs and walking sticks.
Massachusetts, USA
Bayport Healthcare
Bringing European durable medical equipment, aids to daily living and accessability products including bathroom and bedroom safety and comfort, mobility aids, and aids to daily living.
+44 845 260 7061
United Kingdom
Bischoff & Bischoff GmbH
B&B manufactures bathing and toileting aids, rollators and walking aids, mobility scooters, and manual and power wheelchairs. Their line of manual wheelchairs includes folding manual wheelchairs and rigid frame wheelchairs in lightweight and standard weights.
+49 (0) 7248/ 9209-2
Calley & Currier
Offering five sizes of wooden crutches, from child-size to Extra Tall, fitting customers from 3'4" all the way up to 7'4".
New Hampshire, USA
Campbell Canes
Campbell Canes are handcrafted from regional and exotic woods, stained and finished with careful attention to detail. Each bears the signature seal of its craftsman and comes with a certificate of authenticity. The Campbell Handle™ is specially designed to maximize stability and balance. The grip is firm and comfortable while the curved shape exercises the triceps muscles and relieves overworked shoulder muscles.
Cane Expressions
Cane Expressions offers interchangeable cane covers that can coordinate with outfits, activities or hobbies.
Walking canes and walking sticks from everyday to unique
Carex Rubbermaid
Bathroom safety devices, mobility and patient aids.
Classic Canes
Classic Canes specialises in the supply of contemporary and traditional walking sticks, seat sticks, folding sticks and umbrellas to retailers around the world.
+44 (0)1460 75686
United Kingdom
Colored Plastics, LLC.
Traditional curved handle and flat handled canes in regular colors, florescent colors, and clear.
Iowa, USA
Comfort Orthopedic
Offers a series of steel and aluminum manual wheelchairs, electric Wheelchairs, standing wheelchair, airline chair, 3 & 4 wheel mobility scooters, rehabilitation products, and mobility aids.
Cool Canes
A supplier of custom designed canes and unique assistive accessories designed for people with disabilities and for those who want to make a fashion or attitude statement. Each cane is machined individually, using the highest grade billet aluminum for maximum strength and perfection. Each cane section is threaded rather than pressing for maximum strength and durability. This unique way of designing connection points makes all Cool Canes completely interchangeable with each other - upper shafts, lower shafts and handles.
British Columbia, Canada
Crutch Cozies
Crutch Cozies crutch pads provide much needed extra padding, protection against chafing, and a dash of style and fun to the sterile discomfort of ordinary crutches.
California, USA
Rubber tips, including: crutch tips, cane tips, quad cane tips, bath bench tips, walker tips, crutch grips, foam grips and crutch pads. All rubber tips, pads and grips are heavy duty and high quality.
Connecticut, USA
Customized Crutches
Customized Crutches imprints a high resolution digital photograph that you supply on a crutch or cane. The process provides hand-painted detail and vibrant colors. Custom application of premium quality vinyl with UV protection ensures that your fashion cane or crutch will be a cherished possession for years to come.
CWI Medical
CWI Medical specializes in incontinence products as well as adaptive and rehabilitation equipment, and stocks a complete line of nutritional supplements/enteral formulas and durable medical equipment/ supplies.
New York, USA
Manufactures and distributes manual and power wheelchairs, walking aids, walkers and rollators, bathroom safety equipment, nebulizers, and pressure reducing surfaces. Offers bariatric and regular duty equipment.
New York, USA
Enabling Technologies, LLC
Design and manufacturing company of adaptive recreational equipment for the physically challenged individual. Enabling Technologies offers Superlite outriggers and crutches as well as the Bi-Unique biski.
Colorado, USA
Walking aids, wheelchairs, shower commode chairs, and the Rotoflex positioning bed.
+420 234 123 456
Fashionable Canes and Walking Sticks
Walking canes, hiking staffs, folding canes, walking sticks. Over 1000 cane styles including wooden, elegant, collectors, aluminum, specialty and hiking staffs.
Florida, USA
Fischer Canes
Canes and walking sticks.
Missouri, USA
Horizon Mobility
Manufacturer of mobility scooters.
0870 458 1200
United Kingdom
House of Canes
Canes and walking sticks including hand crafted canes to match the height, weight, and gender of each person. Traditional methods of craftmanship are used in soldering, annealing, cutting, shaping, polishing all parts of the cane.
Oregon, USA
Housewright Design
Cane Candle, a flashlight that mounts to a cane or walker.
Manufactures and distributes manual and powered wheelchairs and seating and positioning aids, pressure reducing surfaces, ambulatory aids, resporatory equipment, patient lifts,and homecare beds.
Ohio, USA
Manufactures wooden crutches and crutch accessories.
Wisconsin, USA
Lean On Me
Lean On Me offers a wide variety of handcrafted hardwood walking canes, hiking and walking sticks, crutches, ceremonial staffs and more.
Maine, USA
Maxhealth Corporation
OEM of walking aids, shower commode chairs, wheelchairs, patient lifters, and pressure reducing surfaces.
886-2-26984169~73, 269824
Medar Corporation
Makers of the Tiagra line of custom canes with wood handles, titanium necks, and graphite composite shafts.
New York, USA
Nova offers a diverse line of patient aids, walkers, rolling walkers, canes, crutches, and bathroom safety aids.
California, USA
Custom sports wheelchairs and rigid frame wheelchairs.
Raising Canes
A cane that stands back up if knocked over or dropped.
SideStix Ventures Inc.
The SideStix is the first shock absorbent sports crutch with attachable ‘feet’ for a variety of terrains. Designed by an occupational therapist and a structural technologist, SideStix promotes healthy, active, adventurous exploration of the world around us by providing joint protection and crutch tips to suit all conditions, from neighborhood streets to snow covered mountains.
Sizeright offers heavy duty medical equipment and products for larger sized individuals in a facility or home care setting.
The smartCRUTCH™ is a new generation crutch with the user’s lifestyle in mind. This revolutionary new ergonomic design transforms quality of life and offers unprecedented comfort. smartCRUTCH allows for customization and rotation of the support cuff to enhance performance.
California, USA
Sunrise Medical
Quickie brand wheelchairs, Jay Cushions, Smartseat seating systems, bathroom satety equipment, walking aids, patient lifts, pressure reducing surfaces, and DeVilbiss brand respiratory equipment.
(303) 218-4500
A manufacturer and distributor of bathroom and bathing equipment. Devices for household use and aids to daily living, canes, walkers, and wheeled walkers,cushions, positioning devices and transfer boards.
The Cane Lady
Walking canes, hand painted and decorated.
Thomas Fetterman, Inc.
Offers Life Stix titanium crutches,Tornado and Performance crutch tips, and cuffs.
Tru-Motion Dynamics
The Tru-Motion Sur-Step is a patented new walking cane which encourages correct posture and increases stability by providing a consistent steady contact on any surface including stairs and slopes. The Sur-Step provides the advanced support of a quad-cane with the mobility of a single-point cane. It also stands on its own for added convenience and safety.Advanced support of a quad-cane with the mobility of a single-point cane.
Utah, USA
Product line includes manual wheelchairs, power wheelchair, freedom carts, patient care products and homecare beds, walking aids, and bathroom safety devices.
UL Canes
Ultra light, carbon-fiber forearm canes.
(918) 749-4372
Unifoot Nz Limited
The UNIFOOT turns your walking stick into a hands free device as it can stand on its own on all level surfaces.
Van Os Medical
Van Os Medical has been a developer and supplier of mobility and rehabilitation equipment in Europe since 1971. Van Os Medical offers a line of manual wheelchairs, power add-on systems for manual wheelchairs, powered wheelchairs, mobility scooters, pediatric stroller wheelchairs, walking aids, and bathing/personal care aids.
0104 720170
, Netherlands
Walk Easy
Crutches, cranes, tips and accessories.
(800) 441-2904
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