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Augmentative and Alternative Communication Aids
(41 Web Sources Found)
ACCI represents over a dozen manufacturers of augmentative communication and other assistive technologies, offering demonstrations, workshops and consultation.
Pennsylvania, USA
Achievement Products
Achievement Products offers wide selections of high quality therapy products that help children overcome daily communication, physical, positioning and sensory challenges which allows them to achieve their full potential. Offered are daily living adaptive technology devices including walkers, adaptive scissors, and handwriting aids. products for special needs children with brain damage, cognitive learning disabilities, physical challenges, and sensory integration disorders. Their therapy equipment includes products for adaptive positioning, daily living, early learning, exercise, feeding disorders, fine motor, gross motor movement, mobility, seating, sensorimotor, and sensory integration.
Ohio, USA
Adamlab, LLc
Voice technology for all speech challenged individuals. Manufacturers of high quality, low cost augmentative communication equipment.
Michigan, USA
Augmentative, Digitized Communication Devices, Mouse Emulators, Wireless Devices including those for controlling TV or appliances, speech aids.
800 -723-2783
South Dakota, USA
Alphabet Signs
Offers ADA handicap signage.
Delaware, USA
AMDi focuses on the design, engineering, and manufacturing of high-quality and easy-to-use communication devices for special-needs customers in both private and public sector applications,
New York, USA
Aurora Systems
Effective assistance for augmentative communication, learning disabilities and dyslexia.
Buddy Speak
The Buddy Board™ System helps people who are non verbal use one finger pointing to ommunicate. A non electronic communication board with a Qwerty keyboard on the front and personalized word choices on the back.
Minnesota, USA
C.J.T. Enterprises
Manufactures devices for carrying, transporting and mounting communication devices and notebook computers. These include systems for mounting to wheelchairs and walkers as well as table top mounts and free standing mounts.
California, USA
Wheelchair Mounting Systems for communication devices and laptop computers, switch mounting systems, and wheelchair accessible adjustable Desks and Computer Workstations.
British Columbia, Canada
DJ Technical Sales
The Communication Station is a system of components that can be used to mount augmentative communication devices, laptop computers, trays and other things on wheelchairs, beds, or tables.
British Columbia, Canada
Don Johnston Incorporated
Provides an array of critical intervention products for all components of balanced literacy instruction: reading intervention solutions, writing intervention software, word-study that teaches spelling and phonics skills and computer access products.
Illinois, USA
Dynavox Systems
DynaVox Technologies is dedicated to helping individuals and families who need alternatives to gain, or regain, the power of speech. They provide communication tools to improve speech.
Pennsylvania, USA
Griffin Laboratories
Producing a natural sounding electronic artificial larynx (electrolarynx), the TruTone (tm) electrolarynx. These devices are used after a laryngectomy operation, usually due to cancer of the larynx.
California, USA
Janus Development Group
The SpeechEasy fluency aids are designed to dramatically reduce stuttering. The WAFT wheelchair treadmill is designed to accommodate all types of personal chairs--even racing and sport versions.
North Carolina, USA
Provides digital and synthesized communication items, computer access items, and environmental control units.
Logan ProxTalker
The Logan ProxTalker is an assistive communications device that anyone who uses picture exchange (PECS)* to communicate can easily learn. The benefit is increased independence in communication because the ProxTalker actually talks!
Connecticut, USA
Luminaud Inc.
A manufacturer and supplier of a wide range electronic speech equipment and tracheostoma products.
Mayer-johnson Co.
Tools for teachers and speech-language pathologists. Picture Communication Symbols (PCS). The PCS is a set of 3200 picture symbols used for communication by nonverbal individuals.
California, USA
One Write Company
Cyrano, an augmentative communication device, is a hand-held, portable software application designed to aid individuals with speech-impairments to communicate through a series of customizable images, text, and sounds
Lancaster, Ohio
Passy-Muir Inc.
Tracheostomy and ventilator swallowing and speaking valves.
California, USA
Prentke Romich Company
Communication Aids & Computer Access
(330) 262-1984
pVoice Software
pVoice is an application for disabled people who cannot speak and have very little possiblities to operate a computer. pVoice enables these people to speak through their computer by selecting photo's or symbols.
QualiWORLD is a software platform which runs on top of MS Windows and manages a family of dedicated software applications. offers a variety of high-tech assistive and adaptive technology products, augmentative and alternative communication devices, computer access equipment, multilingual speech synthesis and voice recognition software.
Saltillo Corporation
ChatBox and ChatBox-DX, voice output communication devices, combine the use of meaningful pictorial images with technology.
Seventh Generation Technologies
Using special needs voice recognition, SpeechTeach helps children and adults with language delays, autism and developmental disabilities speak out loud about things around them.
(800) 500-2921
T Base Communications
Provides industry and governments around the world with effective and economical solutions that make information accessible to all.
(304) 822-2500
SiCare Environmental control units, adapted switches, communication aids. Alternative keyboards and inputs, switch and device mounting hardware.
The Great Talking Box Co.
Affordable communication devices for the disabled.
Tobii offers a range of assistive augmentative communication products that give individuals with communication disabilities a voice and a way to live more fulfilled, integrated and independent lives.
(800) 793-9227
Massachusettes, USA
Toby Churchill
Manufacturer of portable text-based communication aids for people who cannot speak.
A supplier of personal emergency response systems including devices for fall monitoring and other types of environmental monitoring to support independent living.
Turning Point Therapy & Technology
Computer keyguards for desktops, laptops, and communication devices. Acrylic. Acrylic wheelchair trays.
Voice simulator for laryngectomees. Includes components mounted on an in mouth retainer and exteranl control unit.
Visions for Independent Living
Visions Voice Prompting System sends computer-based voice messages, scheduled for certain times and days, to direct and/or remind the Individual to perform activities necessary in the person’s everyday life.
Voice Connexion
Micro IntroVoice III This electronic voice recognition and synthesis control system was specifically designed for voice actuation of motorized wheelchairs and associated switch actuators.
(714) 685-1066
Voicewave Technology Inc.
The Speech Enhancer is the only speech generating device with a natural sounding voice - because it uses a person's biometric voice characteristics as one of the input and control mechanisms. This unique SGD augments your existing speech components with new synthesized components that blend naturally, sounding just like you - only louder and clearer, easier to understand.
Missouri, USA
Wizcom Technologies, Ltd
Pen shaped hand held scanners that scan and read, store, or translate words and sentences.
Communication aids & computer access for the disabled. Communication systems, communication software, hand-held communication, hardware accessories and input speech devices.
Manufacturer and distributer of augmentative communication systems, computer access and other assistive technologies.
(503) 684 – 6006
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