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Sunrise Medical Quickie Q7 NextGen
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Redman Chief 107SRX
Written by Robert
Invacare Nutron R51
Written by cheung
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Sunrise Medical Quickie QM-720
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The Roho Group Quadtro Select HP
Written by Stephen
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Adaptive Clothing
(17 Web Sources Found)
Adaptive Clothing Showroom
Adaptive Clothing Showroom has been providing conventional as well as adaptive clothing, nursing home clothing and special needs accessories for the elderly or disabled men and women residing at home or in health care or nursing facilities. Many of our customers have limited mobility, or are disabled due to illness or aging. Arthritis, Alzheimer's, MS, Parkinson diseases, and Stroke all impact on independent dressing skills. Our nursing home & adaptive clothing is designed to foster as much independent dressing as possible and to assist caregivers by making aided dressing a lot simpler.
New Jersey, USA
Adaptive Outlet
Adaptive clothing for men and women. Adaptive outlet offers a wide range of clothing product including outerwear, lingerie, footwear, traditional garb, and clothing and attire accessories designed specifically for people with Alzheimers, incontinence, and edema.
Minnesota, USA
Care Apparel
Designing and manufacturing special needs clothing that provide easy-dressing solutions for caregivers and great looking fashion, function and dignity for their loved ones. Their line features adaptive clothing, garments designed for incontinence, diabetic footwear, nursing home & healthcare apparel, bariatric and clothing for undressers as well as an everyday line of dresses, sportswear, sleepwear, underwear, socks, slippers and accessories. Online shopping is available.
New York, USA
Cosy Soles
Cosy Soles are microwaveable ankle height slippers that retain heat and keep feet warm.
Ontario, Canada
Adapted mens and womens clothing, aprons, bibs, and collars with velcro hidden under the buttonholes to make dressing tasks easier.
Easy Access Clothing
Clothing for men, women, and children that are designed for ease of dressing and discreet access for personal care. Custom modifications are available.
Easy Does It
Special adaptive clothing featuring front closure VELCRO-brand fasteners.
Connecticut, USA
From My Heart Fashions
Clothing for Alzheimer patients, the disabled and handicapped. Dresses are back closure with button snaps or Velcro to secure the garment. With our dresses you will be able to dress your family member easily.
Tennessee, USA
Golden Wear Clothing Inc.
Adaptive clothing for nursing home and home health care residents. We specialize in apparel that has been adapted to meet the unique clothing requirements of people in wheelchairs and those living with physical limitations.
Manitoba, Canada
A line of comfortable and functional clothing for people with limited dexterity or function.
Colorado, USA
Orthofeet manufactures and distributes orthopedic footwear and orthotics.
New Jersey, USA
Pip Squeakers
Baby shoes that motivate with sound. Babies with vision or mobility disabilities are motivated to walk thus enhancing their skills. Parents with disabilities are able to hear when their toddler is on the move.
New Jersey, USA
Ross Daniel Adaptive Apparel
Designer and manufacturer Ross Daniel Adaptive Apparel brings dignity through fashion to children and adults with disabilities. RDAA’s first offering in a growing line of adaptive apparel are socks for AFO (below knee brace) wearers that are functional and comfortable, as well as fun and youthfully stylish.
(914) 234-7853
New York, USA
Shop On The Net
Special needs clothing that provide practicality, functionality, durability, comfort and style.
Silvert's offers an extensive line of adaptive clothing specially designed for adults with disabilities. Offerings include clothing that is disability specific and designed to accommodate related deficits.
USA Jeans
USA Jeans designs and markets pants that are comfortable to wear while sitting in a wheelchair. Jeans, casual slacks, and suit pants are specially designed to be worn in a sitting position or for sitting and standing. USA Jeans also offers custom fabrication services.
Wishing Wells
Clothing that is reversible back to front with velcro closures.
Link to 2010 Independence Expo. We'll show you...
Wheelchair and scooter parts. Discount for site visitors. Link to inquiry form.
Image of a red pickup truck parked in a handicapped spote. The ad reads, Make your point, Parking here for just a minute is sixty seconds too long. Link to page with free download of windshield leaflet for creating awareness.
Download a free copy of Canes to Wheelchairs: Mobility Alternatives

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