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Guide Dogs
(22 Web Sources Found)
BC Guide Dogs
The Board of Directors, staff and volunteers are totally dedicated to the further development of the guide dog movement in British Columbia and Alberta. B.C. and Alberta Guide Dog Services holds the aims and objectives of improved availability and increased level of service and to provide life-long after care and support at no cost to our clients through the provision of professionally trained guide dogs for blind and visually impaired residents of B.C. and Alberta.
British Columbia, Canada
Canadian Guide Dogs for the Blind
Canadian Guide Dogs for the Blind (CGDB) is a national, non-profit, charitable organization founded in 1984 to assist visually-impaired Canadians with their mobility by providing and training them in the use of professionally trained Guide Dogs.
Eye Dog Foundation for the Blind
A non-profit organization that provides, at no charge, trained German Shepherd guide dogs to the blind and visually impaired for the enhancement of their safety and independence.
Arizona, USA
Fidelco breeds, train, and place the highest quality German shepherds with men and women who are blind across the United States and into Canada.
Connecticut, USA
Freedom Guide Dogs
Freedom Guide Dogs for the Blind breeds, raises, trains and places dogs to guide the blind through a special program of "Hometown Training." Hometown Training is a service whereas the guide dog and the instructor come to the blind person's home and train in their community. This unique feature of our program allows the blind person to obtain a guide dog while continuing to meet their responsibilities at home.
New York, USA
Guide Dog Association of New South Wales
We train people who are vision impaired to use canes, canines and electronic aids to improve their mobility and thus independence and quality of life. We train companion dogs for children and adults who are disabled or disadvantaged. And we advocate on behalf of the people we assist to make the community an easier place in which to live and work. We do not charge for our services.We don't receive government funding. Everything we achieve is made possible by the generosity of donors.
(02) 9412 9300
Guide Dog Foundation
Since 1946, the Guide Dog Foundation for the Blind, Inc. has provided guide dogs free of charge to blind people who seek enhanced mobility and independence. Our students come to us from all over the United States and many foreign countries. Our trademark small classes and individualized instruction often attract students who may have special requirements.
New York, USA
Guide Dog Users Inc.
An international organization dedicated to advocacy, peer support, public education and all aspects of training, working and living with dogs specially-trained to guide blind and visually-impaired people.
Maryland, USA
Guide Dogs For The Blind
Guide Dogs for the Blind is a nonprofit, charitable organization with a mission to provide Guide Dogs and training in their use to visually impaired people throughout the United States and Canada. Our dogs and services are free to those we serve, thanks to the generosity of donors and support of volunteers.
California, USA
Guide Dogs of America
Guide Dogs of America is dedicated to its mission to provide guide dogs and instruction in their use, free of charge, to blind and visually impaired men and women from the United States and Canada so that they may continue to pursue their goals with increased mobility and independence.
(818) 362-5834
California, USA
Guide Dogs of Texas
Their mission is to raise, train and give guide dogs to Texans who are visually impaired.
Texas, USA
Guide Dogs of The Desert
Guide Dogs of the Desert International is a public benefit nonprofit corporation, founded in 1972 to provide independence and mobility to blind persons with special needs through the use of guide dogs. 28 days of in residence training. A specially trained guide dog. The necessary equipment and post graduate assistance for the working life of the team. No cost to the student.
California, USA
Guide Dogs Victoria
Guide Dogs Victoria aims to assist people who are vision impaired regain their independence by providing Guide Dog and specialist mobility services of exceptional quality.
(03) 9854 4444
Guiding Eyes For The Blind
In 1954, Guiding Eyes for the Blind was founded upon a simple and beautiful premise; to enrich the lives of blind and visually impaired men and women. Since that time, Guiding Eyes has graduated more than 5,000 guide dog teams. The men and women who have received our dogs and worked with our professional trainers have returned to their communities with greater independence.
New York, USA
Irish Guide Dogs for the Blind
Irish Guide Dogs for the Blind provide guide dogs and long-cane mobility training for the blind and visually impaired. Our services enable members of the blind community to integrate fully and independently in society with a resultant increase in confidence and self-esteem. Residential and aftercare services are provided virtually free of charge and we rely almost exclusively on voluntary contributions for our income.
+353 21 4878200
Leader Dogs for the Blind
Leader Dogs for the Blind provides dog guides to people who are blind and visually impaired to enhance their mobility, independence and quality of life. Each year, over 270 students attend our 26-day residential training program to be paired with a dog guide. Programs include: Dog Guide Program, Deaf-blind Dog Guide Program, Computer Training, Orientation and Mobility Training, Trekker and Trekker Breeze GPS Training, Youth Programs (16 years and older).
Michigan, USA
Lions Foundation of Canada
Lions Foundation of Canada is the only Dog Guide school of its kind in North America. In addition to training Dog Guides for people who are blind or visually impaired, the Foundation is unique in that it also trains Dog Guides to meet the needs of Canadians with hearing and other medically and physically limiting disabilities. All programs are offered at no charge to the client, but future care and maintenance become the responsibility of the Dog Guide recipient.
National Service Dogs
National Service Dogs (NSD) is a non-profit, registered charity that trains assistance dogs for Canadians with disabilities. It was founded in 1996 by Chris and Heather Fowler and Danielle Forbes, all experienced, professional Assistance Dog Trainers. NSD's goal is to allow disabled children and adults to lead more independent lives, and to overcome challenges they may encounter. National Service Dogs is proud to be the first Canadian Assistance Dog School to successfully pair dogs with children who have Autism. Clients as young as five have been matched with dogs specifically trained to meet their specific needs and challenges.
NEADS trains all breeds and mixed breeds of dogs to help people who are deaf or physically disabled live more independently. Nearly 100% of hearing dogs are rescued from animal shelters throughout New England. Most service dogs are donated as puppies by breeders throughout the country. Most service dogs are Golden or Labrador retrievers, however, many other breeds are also suitable. Any dog "with the right stuff" can partner with a person to provide independence and companionship by reducing physical and social barriers.
Massachusetts, USA
Southeastern Guide Dogs
Southeastern Guide Dogs’ mission is to offer free of charge, a unique opportunity to achieve independent travel with safety and dignity to blind men and women, through the use of professionally and humanely trained guide dogs. Florida, North Carolina, Georgia
Susquehanna Service Dogs
Assistance dogs are specially trained dogs that include Guide Dogs, Service Dogs, and Hearing Dogs. We also train special Therapy Dogs. PLEASE NOTE that Susquehanna Service Dogs places dogs only within the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and selected out-of-state locations.
The Seeing Eye
Its mission is to help blind people achieve greater independence, dignity and self-confidence through the use of Seeing Eye dogs. In pursuit of this aim, it teaches Seeing Eye dogs to guide blind people; breeds and raises the dogs; teaches instructors the science and technique of training dogs as guides for blind people; instructs blind people in the proper use and care of the dogs; and educates the public about the role of dog guides and the capability of blind people for independent living. LOCATED IN MORRISTOWN, NJ.
Link to 2010 Independence Expo. We'll show you...
Wheelchair and scooter parts. Discount for site visitors. Link to inquiry form.
Image of a red pickup truck parked in a handicapped spote. The ad reads, Make your point, Parking here for just a minute is sixty seconds too long. Link to page with free download of windshield leaflet for creating awareness.
Download a free copy of Canes to Wheelchairs: Mobility Alternatives

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