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Protective Wear/Pads/Covers
(28 Web Sources Found)
Action Products Inc.
Action Products, Inc. makes wheelchair cushions and seating systems; heel and elbow protectors, and full mattress overlays for Rehab and DME markets that incorporates AKTON® polymer.
Maryland, USA
Allman Products
Features a selection of home healthcare products and medical supplies. They offer the following products: a variety of back & neck support cushions, coccyx gel cushion, memory & regular foam seat cushions, as well as bed positioning wedges, donut ring cushions, mattress pads, reusable underpads & incontinent pants/briefs, plus a selection of wheelchairs, walkers and crutches, which come with a broad assortment of accessories.
California, USA
Crutch Cozies
Crutch Cozies crutch pads provide much needed extra padding, protection against chafing, and a dash of style and fun to the sterile discomfort of ordinary crutches.
California, USA
Danmar Products
Offers equipment used in therapeutic and recreational settings to enhance function as well as comfort. Head supports, assorted helmets, positioning devices, swim aids, and toileting aids.
Michigan, USA
DM Systems
Manufactures and distributes splints for relieving pressure on heels and elbows.
Illinois, USA
Medical grade sheepskin products including- Golden Fleece Medical Sheepskin, Golden Fleece Australian Medical Sheepskin, and Golden Fleece Australian heel and elbow protectors.
Integrated bed systems, mattress replacement systems, pressure reducing overlays, lateral rotation systems, stretcher pads, chair cushions and heel care devices.
New York, USA
Glacier Trading Company
Offering a wide variety of sheepskin medical products including medical sheepskin wheelchair covers.
Washington, USA
Offers energy shunting hip protectors that protect the hips from injury due to falls or impacts.
Massachusetts, USA
Hip protectors and fall prevention and fall intervention devices.
Massachusetts, USA
Hip Protectors have been designed especially for older people to help reduce the likelyhood of a hip fracture resulting from a fall. Hip Protectors feature soft padded pockets over the hip area which contain thin thermoplastic shields.
Kanuk Sheepskin Products
Handcrafted medical sheepskin products including elbow pads, bed pads, and wheelchair pads.
Nubrella is a hands free umbrella that encompasses the head and shoulders of users. Nubrella has strap on shoulder supports that make the device hands free even in significant winds. The extended coverage area provided will also protect the user from wind chill and extreme cold.
(866) 722-4880
New York, USA
ProtectaCast is a waterproof cover allowing you to shower or bathe whilst protecting your cast or bandage.
Sheepskin Boutique
Natural sheepsking heela and elbow protectors and wheelchair pads.
Sheepskin Express
Medical Sheepskin bed pad, and forearm pads, elbow wraps, knee wraps, heel wraps, and arm crutch pads.
Sheepskin Factory
Medical sheepskin accessories, knee,elbow and heel protectors. Wheelchair, crutch and cushion covers.
SHOWERsleeve & CASTcover Company
Cast covers and sleeves that protect against water penetration while showering or bathing.
Wool products- Wheelchair cushion covers, armrest covers, crutch covers, bed pads.
Soul Comfort
Specialize in handmade sheepskin slippers and booties.
Span America
Cushions, surfaces, and foam positioning devices, and protective pads.
SPENCO® SILICORE® Padding Products are available in four designs to cushion and protect all pressure prone areas of the body.
(800) 877-3626
T.K. Wheelchair Accessories
Products for wheelchair positioning and comfort.Includes add on backs, positioning straps, foot positioning harnesses, and wheelchair trays.
The Wool Table Sheepskins
Genuine sheepskin and wool pile products. Offerings include decubitis pads, heel and elbow pads, wheelchair pads, convalescent boots and slippers, crutch pads, walker and rollator pads, and other pressure reducing and comfort items.
800 854-9774.
Offers wheelchair cushions in combinations of gel and air, gel and foam, and gel padded extremity protcetors.
The Safehip under garment protects the hips against fall injuries.
Ultra Designs
Synthetic sheepskin pads for wheelchairs, crutches, walkers, beds, rails, feet and elbows, and for personal care.
Wheelchair Wizard
Manufactures and markets the Wheelchair Caddy, a padded cover device for manual wheelchairs that helps to lift and transport a wheelchair.
Link to 2010 Independence Expo. We'll show you...
Wheelchair and scooter parts. Discount for site visitors. Link to inquiry form.
Image of a red pickup truck parked in a handicapped spote. The ad reads, Make your point, Parking here for just a minute is sixty seconds too long. Link to page with free download of windshield leaflet for creating awareness.
Download a free copy of Canes to Wheelchairs: Mobility Alternatives

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