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Lasher Sport, Llc ATB Ultimate
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Access To Recreation
Adaptive products for independent living and recreation. Offering a wide range of products from fishing aids to crochet aids, exercise equipment to rehabilitation equipment, wheelchairs to wheelchair ramps and hundreds of other adapted recreational and daily living aids.
California, USA
Accessible Canadian Adventures
Disabled Hunting and Fishing in Canada- Accessible Canadian Adventures (ACA) provides disabled sportsmen and women a safe and meticulously planned adventure to hunt or fish anywhere in Canada.
Achievable Concepts
Adapted devices for all types of outdoor and indoor recreational and leisure pursuits. Cognitive and reminiscent as well as co-ordination and skill enhancing games. Devices for crafts, sports, music and gardening, as well as exercise and therapy.
(61) 3 9370 0217
Adaptive Creations
Markets Ken's Power Caster, a fully automated, push-button controlled or sip and puff controlled fishing machine for people with severe disabilities. The fully automated machine gives anglers with a disability the ability to cast out their line, hook, fight, retrieve and land fish with total independence.
Pennsylvania, USA
Adaptive hunting and fishing equipment for persons with a disability.
Alamo Four Star
Offering three models of gun mounts that can be mounted on a wheelchair or tripod for disabled shooters and hunters.
Texas, USA
BE Adaptive Equipment
Designs and manufactures adaptive shooting equipment.The shooting rests will hold any rifle, shotgun, muzzleloader or crossbow without making any modifications to the shooting rest or your equipment.
Indiana, USA
Dolphin Electreel
Dolphin Whisenhunt® Electric Power Fishing Reels with a Hand Crank. When you tire from the fight, just press the convenient switch and let the electric motor take over. To return to manual control, simply turn the handle. The transition from manual control to power and back is smooth and seamless.
Oregon, USA
Electric fishing reel drives. 17 different models to power 22 different Penn and Daiwa Reels. The ELEC-TRA-MATE introduces the fisherman to the full enjoyment of fighting the fish and feeling the pull without the hard work and tiring effort of cranking.
North Carolina, USA
Grover Gear
Medical equipment and aids to daily living.
Minnesota, USA
Howe and Howe Technologies
Howe and Howe Technologies are the developers of Ripchair. A state of the art tracked vehicle design, Ripchair combines power, durability, and maneuverability into a sturdy and easy to control platform. The patented Ripchair is the only non-transferable tracked chair on the market today allowing the owner the ability to use his/her own wheelchair during operation. One simply has to back in, lock in, and move out.
(207) 247-2777
Maine, USA
K&S Outdoors
K&S Outdoors provides products for the outdoor enthusiast, including gear for hunting, fishing, and archery. Products are usable by both the physically challenged and non-physically challenged individual.
Lone Star Field Products
Precision gun rests and long range shooting rests including models adapted for wheelchair use.
Texas, USA
Marc's Tackle
Adapted fishing tackle.
New Heights Inc.
The Huntmaster adapted hunting blind with hydraulic elevating lift system.
North Carolina, USA
Pullin Archery Products, Inc.
Makers of the THE PULLIN Archery Bow Tensioning System. The system holds the bowstring of your compound bow fully drawn and ready to release, permitting you to aim and release your arrow precisely, without the additional physical stress of having to hold a full draw.
McDowell, Virginia
The Receive-All allows people with a wide variety of hand control and strength limitations the ability to hold and manipulate items such as fishing rods, gardening tools, sports equipment, hand tools, and many other items. The system consists of an arm brace and an adapter. You attach an adapter to the item you wish to hold and the item can then be attached to the arm brace that is secured to your arm.
Minnesota, USA
Rock Island Equipment Company
The Rock Island Power Fish'N Pro is the first in a new line of hybrid electric fishing reels for fresh water fishing. The PowerFish'N Pro features a Shakespeare spinning reel fitted with a strong, quiet, electric motor to enhance the fishing experience. It gives users the ability to manually hand crank the line in, or retrieve it automatically with the touch of a switch. Users can fish longer without fatigue, have more options and techniques for catching fish, and generally enjoy fishing even more.
Illinois, USA
Timberlift is a motorized tree stand that lifts your wheelchair, you, and your gear up the tree and back down again safely.
Alabama, USA
Link to 2010 Independence Expo. We'll show you...
Wheelchair and scooter parts. Discount for site visitors. Link to inquiry form.
Image of a red pickup truck parked in a handicapped spote. The ad reads, Make your point, Parking here for just a minute is sixty seconds too long. Link to page with free download of windshield leaflet for creating awareness.
Download a free copy of Canes to Wheelchairs: Mobility Alternatives

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