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Dynamic Powered Wheelchair Cushions
(12 Web Sources Found)
Aquila Corp
Alternating and static air filled wheelchair cushions and cushion inflation monitoring devices.
Wisconsin, USA
Biologics, Inc.
Pressure relief systems to health care and long term care providers across the United States. Low air loss system bed surfaces and wheelchair cushions.
Florida, USA
Blue Chip Medical Products
Manufactures dynamic therapeutic support surface mattresses, low air loss / alternating air mattress systems, lateral rotation mattress systems, gel/foam, static air and water overlay mattresses.
Dynamic Air, Inc.
Dynamic Air, Inc. offers a wide variety of products that meet the needs of patients in immobilized situations. Products include dynamic mattress and overlay systems. Antithrombic compression therapy products. Lymphedema compression therapy products, and pressure reducing seating systems.
Alabama, USA
Ease Seating Systems
The EASE Seating System is a unique new patented product that combines electronic, pneumatic, and battery technologies to create a wheelchair cushion that moves under the user to gently lift, shift, and relieve pressure points and continually assure that soft tissue gets the Vital Circulation that keeps it healthy.
California, USA
Ergo Air
ErgoDynamic Seating, alternating pressure seat and back cushion.
New York, USA
Huntleigh Technology
Offering products for pressure management and reduction. Products include pressure reducing bed surfaces and seating systems.
800-223 - 1218
New Jersey, USA
Pegasus Airwave
ALTERN8 alternating cushion. Alternating pressure surfaces.
Sand Therapeutic, Inc.
The P.A.S.C. is a self-contained, alternating pressure, wheelchair cushion designed to alleviate pressure under the posterior of the seated individual.
Sareo Healthcare Limited
Design and manufacture of specialised medical bedding and seating systems that assist in the prevention and treatment of pressure ulcers.
Pressure reducing and alternating bed surfaces.Low Air Loss technology. Alternating Pressure technology. Lateral Rotation technology.
Talley Medical
Product range consists of a wide choice of pressure relief mattresses and seating products, compression therapy equipment, bed-frames, hoists, mobility aids and interface pressure monitors.
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