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Transport Devices
(24 Web Sources Found)
21st Century Scientific, Inc.
Offers the Bounder line of powered and manual wheelchairs with a full line of seating and accessories. Also manufactures a powered guerny and a powered standing wheelchair.
Idaho, USA
Air transfer and positioning technology designed to reduce the risks associated with patient handling. AirPal is used to transfer patients from bed to stretcher and to other areas of the hospital.
Pennsylvania, USA
AOK Global Products
Rescue Chairs for transporting a disabled person up or down stairs.
New York, USA
Baronmead International Limited
Manufactures and distributes the Stairlite and Stairmatic mobile battery powered stair climbers world wide. The Carrydown CD7 emergency evac chair. The T08 battery powered wheelchair carrier for negotiating steps within your wheelchair, and an assortment of platform lifts for indoor and outdoor use.
01243 586 692
United Kingdom
Variable position seating for comfort and positioning. Broda offers seating solutions for diseases and conditions such as Huntington's Chorea, Alzheimer’s, Dementia, Parkinson's, Multiple Sclerosis, Kyphosis and Contractures. Broda chairs’ positioning and pressure relief abilities assist in resolving seating issues such as slumping, sliding, poor lateral support and patient falls.
Michigan, USA
CAMTEC makes products with both the Caregiver and the Patient in mind. Their CareChairs, in standard and bariatric models can accommodate up to 850 pounds, and go from sitting position to stretcher (with infinite stops in between).
Maryland, USA
Dane Technologies
Manufacturers of the Dane WheelChair Mover – a power-assist device making patient wheelchair transport safe, smooth and easy. Designed by hospital safety experts for use by hospital personnel, the Dane WheelChair Mover fits all standard wheelchair sizes and models
Minnesota, USA
Design Specific
Offers the Mainstream dental platform for positioning of wheelchair users requiring dental care.
07980 927090
United Kingdom
Detay Hospital Furniture
Manufactures manual and powered hospital beds, homecare beds, stretchers and accessories.
+90 (232) 328 00 62 (Pbx)
Evac + Chair
Manufactures and distributes stairway evacuation chairs. Compact, on-site storage gives you an instant wheelchair for emergency use to move people quickly through corridors to elevators, exits and curb sides.
New York, USA
Bariatric patient care products for patients weighing 350 to 1000 lbs. Products include both manual and power wheelchairs, beds, shower chairs, commodes, bed trapeze, walkers, patient lifts and stretchers.
Ohio, USA
Gunnell Inc.
Custom wheelchairs and positioning for the severely disabled. Rehab TNT-TNT Pediatric-Tilt Cart-Occipital Cradle-Walkers-Seating & Positioning.
Hover Tech
Makers of HoverMat, an inflatable mat that transfers a patient on a cushion of air. HoverMatt® is a lateral transfer and repositioning device designed to eliminate injury to staff while performing patient transfer tasks.
Pennsylvania, USA
Huntleigh Technology
Offering products for pressure management and reduction. Products include pressure reducing bed surfaces and seating systems.
800-223 - 1218
New Jersey, USA
PVC constructed shower commode chairs, walkers, gurneys, low beds,for adults and pediatric use.
Michigan, USA
Evacuation Chair designed for use in confined areas, restaurants, high-rise office buildings, airplanes, boats, narrow hallways and stairwells. 2" standard automotive-style patient restraint straps included with each chair. Green vinyl covers are made of 18 oz. antibacterial material and are fungus and rot resistant for long-lasting durability and easy cleanup.
Kentucky, USA
Life Slider
Lifeslider Evacuation chair. The LifeSlider evacuation chair allows rescuers to descend stairs at their pace with the evacuee seated in a comfortable sitting position.
Kansas, USA
Mangar International
Mangar International offers a range of unobtrusive small portable lifts for home, residential care, and in hospital care. Products include a complete line of bath lifts and moving and handling equipment.
Texas, USA
Mobile patient lifts and transporters.
PHS West Inc
PHS West offers a motorized patient transport chair designed for use in medical and treatment facilities. The Ergo-Express® PTC1 can transport patients weighing up to 500 pounds and comes standard with many safety and performance features as well as O2 holder, patient chart and/or notebook holder, and IV pole.
Minnesota, USA
Sizeright offers heavy duty medical equipment and products for larger sized individuals in a facility or home care setting.
Stryker Medical
Manufactures, sells and services specialty medical equipment for the treatment, transfer and transport of patients. Patient handling equipment, evacuation chair, and stair transport chairs.
Tr Equipment
Bathing and shower equipment, patient lifters, gait training equipment, and walking aids. Shower gurneys and elevating baths.
Wy East Medical
Offers patient lifts and transfer devices.
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